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happy ending…

By 20 Ottobre 2015Giugno 7th, 2019Blog

A few days ago it was raining hard , it was cold . Drinking my tea at 6 am I looked out the same window that this summer framed so many beautiful sunrises. Now just the dark of the night.
So I had to admit that summer was finished.Everybody live the summer as the short period without work. Too short. For me no holiday during the summer, if I don’t consider yours. And every year a new journey, several travels as the people I host. The best job in the world, travelling without moving, travelling with differents stories, countries, couples, families, singles, children, dogs… And for every departure, something leave and something stay.

I want to dedicate a thought to those who passed here, for a day , two, three, more… I don’t name, just remember dinner together on terrace, sharing food and stories, trips, marriages, cooking, drinking. Smiles and hugs.

Old and new Friends , grazie.
This has been a wonderful summer .

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